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Happy Day with Goldstarway
- Thank you for your reservation

We hereby thank you for your interest
and for your BINDING registration

for the provision of extraordinary 40-70% Bonuses
to be used until October 31st 2019!

In a moment, you will receive a confirmation of this registration by e-mail and you will also be sent an e-mail with the steps to follow to obtain the bonuses and a pdf document with the instructions for creating a Live account.

To get the pdf with the instructions for the creating of a Live account and for the adding funds to an existing account, you can also follow the link HERE.

If you can't seem to find the e-mail with the pdf, please check your spam folder (or mass-e-mail or inbox folder). Spam filter can often filter out important messages for you. If you cannot find it there, either, please contact us at, we will resend the e-mail!

If you will be creating a new Live account, please send us a scan of your passport or personal ID card and a document confirming your address, as soon as possible. For a new account, please fill-in the registration form.

After sending the funds, please do not forget to complete the Deposit Information Form, in which you will state the Voucher code found in the e-mail with the instructions and the pdf.

Have a nice day. Goldstarway Team