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Bonus Trading Margin 40-70 %

You can get extra bonus, venture capital for your Live Trading on the Stock Exchange from 40 to 70 % to your Live Account deposit. Bonus Trading Margin on CFDs and Forex is for Goldstarway clients only. See bellow your options for getting the bonus.

How to get your bonus?

You can get any amount of hundreds, thousands or hundreds of thousands of EUR, USD! See the conditions bellow. Who else will donate you free venture capital for your business today? Only Goldstarway ..!

You can earn these Bonuses as a part of Goldstarway Happy Day events, always within the terms of the currently announced terms and conditions, which may vary from event to event. The final bonus amount can be up to 70% !!! The terms and conditions of the Bonuses are limited in time, but always advantageous!

You can get an action bonus of 40 to 70% by making an online reservation within the Goldstar Happy Day event, which is announced irregularly and only for Goldstarway clients.

Great Information for You - your own resources on Live Accounts in EUR and USD are with interest 4% p.a.

  • Note: If you want to open your Live Account using these Bonuses out of Happy Day Action, please contact us at, we will let you know about the current options.

What is the Trading Margin Bonus for?

  • Live trading bonus - extra venture capital that can be used for trading and covering your open positions.
  • Bonus supports traders by increasing their venture capital.
  • Live Trading Bonus cannot be withdrawn; it is not possible to trade it without own capital.

Who is the Trading Bonus for and how to get it?

The 40-70% Business Margin Bonus is for all new Goldstarway clients to support their trading. The Electronic Stock Exchange provides its clients with a bonus for live trading - a trading margin for an account that the client has created, amounting to 40 to 70% of their deposit.

The bonus margin is designed to increase your account to cover your trade margins. Interest of 4% p.a. does not apply to the bonus. In case the client's account has not been active for a long time (3-4 months), this bonus or interest may be taken back.

The minimum number of trades on the account to maintain these terms is recommended at 6 standard lots per year (ie 60 minilots per year).

Conditions for receiving a bonus

The amount of the bonus is linked to the amount of the deposit:

  • Establishment & deposit to the account  up to 4.000 EUR  -  40 % Bonus
  • Establishment & deposit to the account   over 4.000 EUR  -  50 % Bonus
  • Establishment & deposit to the account over 10.000 EUR  -  60 % Bonus
  • Establishment & deposit to the account over 20.000 EUR  -  70 % Bonus

Deposit and earnings savings are set to 4% p.a. on a daily basis crediting interest. Bonus is not increased by the interest. In terms of deposit's interest, conversion fees, comfortable payments, exchange rate volatility and operating comfort we recommend to clients in particular, the type of ActTrader account in EUR.


Bonus Trading Margin for live trading can be used as part of the capital increase of the client's account, it cannot be withdrawn. It is a bonus program for traders, ie a contribution of the Exchange supporting the possibilities of the Trader. The bonus program, trading margin, can be credited at the Client's request. If the account has not been active for a long time (3-4 months), this bonus (and interest) may be taken back. The minimum number of trades on the account to maintain these terms is recommended at 6 standard lots per year (ie 60 minilots per year).

Claiming the bonus and its fast crediting can be speeded up by sending information about your payment to (Your name, GCI Live Account number, date of sending funds, amount sent, amount of bonus claim).

If you withdraw all of your Live Trading funds from your account, the amount that was credited to you as a bonus trading margin will be automatically deleted. If you withdraw some money from your account, then the received Bonus will be decreased, such as:

  • You will deposit EUR 10,000 into your account, a 50% Bonus Margin will be credited to you, ie EUR 5,000.
  • In total, you have EUR 15,000 in your account.
  • If, for example, EUR 5,000 is withdrawn from this account, then the Bonus Margin will be reduced and up to EUR 2,500 (50% of 5,000).
  • A total of EUR 7,500 is deducted from your account.

Learn to use your options for Bonus Trading Margins effectively for your profitable trading and money management.