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Withdraw Funds from Live Account

Find here information on how to withdraw money from your Live Account.

How to withdraw Deposits

Complete the form bellow then click Print-friendly, print it and sign it, and return it to GCI via email along with a copy of a valid identification.

This form may be scanned and emailed to and in a copy to

Withdraw funds in 3 steps:

  • fill in withdraw form and send it (click "Print-friendly")
  • print it and sign the printed version of the form
  • send your signed scan to and in copy to

Withdraw form online:

Please be sure that you have completed all fields, including contact information and signature. Withdrawal forms that are not fully completed, submitted online and also signed and emailed to us will not be processed.

Affiliates withdrawing commissions: Input your Affiliate number for "Login Username" and put "affiliate commissions" for "Account Number"

Forms submitted with missing information are subject to delay.

Attention! In case you obtained Bonus Trading Margin for your Live Account, it is not possible to withdraw received amount. Bonus will be gradually reduced after the withdrawal.

Open the form by clicking on the picture bellow: