Learn to earn money while you are asleep…

Dear friends, there are thousands of smart people in the world, who invest their venture capital and they earn a fortune. What about also starting smartly and learning something without the risk of loss? How to trade intelligently, profitably and safely? Read a light inspiration how these three terms can be connected into successful trading.

Summer wasn’t a very calm period on the stock exchange market. Stock markets first dropped in response to Donald Trump’s tweets and his customs war with China, now the markets have shaken in the vision of the FED event and a possible interest rate cut in the US.

After summer, now autumn is approaching and the school has began. An ideal opportunity to start studying, but a bit “outside the system”.

The Stock Exchange belongs among a small number of great businesses that you can do really freely, without workers, material, logistics, offices and buildings, or equipment. And a bonus – we can trade from anywhere. All you need is a laptop and wireless internet. A short break on a bike trip can easily turn into a trading session wherever you are. Isn’t that a great lifestyle?

Internet and especially social networks are full of various motivational quotes from successful people. Such as a quote from investor Warren Buffet:

If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep,
you will work until you die

Smart guy, great quote. Mr. Buffet had also started from a scratch at the beginning. He, too, went through severe failures and building his empire. Shouldn´t we follow his experiences how to learn make money while we are sleeping? The Stock Exchange is a great opportunity…

Working with time and smart trading

The Stock Exchange allows you to adapt your online trading to your daily routine. How can you have time on your side? It is necessary to adapt your trading regime to the working one so that they complement each other well.

Many people get excited about stock trading. “I want to be a full-time trader. I got a passion for it, I want to educate myself and gain experience. But I can’t leave my normal job. What do I do?” It is not easy to  work this situation out, many ambitious people who desire to achieve the dream of financial and time freedom go through this. The guidance is not universal, because each person has different options and obligations. However, working with risks is something that makes the stock market absolutely insuperable.

You can conduct intraday stock market speculations. Plan your trades at 10, 15 or 20 pips on Forex. A few dozens of cents of price movement on commodity markets or 3 -; 5 points eg. on the stock index SP500. You can trade in the morning while you are sitting at your computer or after work in the afternoon during the US session.

Get your twenty, thirty pips on the forex and you are done –Twice a week or every day depends on you. But stick to an important rule: if you do not see the opportunity on the Stock Exchange, do not trade. Don’t worry, the opportunity will come in an hour or in a day. The Stock Exchange is an endless and variable process, that requires discipline and adherence to your own established rules.

If you can only spend an hour a day on the Stock Exchange Market, focus on swing speculations. In the morning you evaluate the situation and if an interesting price opportunity is forming, then you enter the trade. If you watch longer time frames from weekly to 4-hour charts, then you don’t have to sit around the computer forever and still catch interesting prices and trend reversals that last several days. Sure; you have to take into account you may not manage a perfect entry to a position and your trade may be temporarily at a loss. However, this can be resolved by the right money management, to which can also significantly contribute Goldstarway bonuses.

If you have no regular access to the Stock Exchange and you don’t know when you will have the opportunity to check your stock charts. Then choose positional trading! Are you busy and only have a few hours a week or month? Then you may focus on really long-term trading. You can keep the trades for weeks or even months. It is obvious you need to accordingly monitor the development on the charts. It is enough to check the Stock Exchange for 20 minutes several times a week, evaluate the situation and you’re done.

One question arises: how to set up the right money management so you don’t lose your own venture capital by any of the described methods, but instead, increase your funds on a regular basis? Use BONUS MARGIN for your trading.

 A number of brokers offer a bonus deposit (bonus trading margin) with your stock exchange account. This is extra money in your account that the broker offers you and you can use it to cover margins and open positions. Of course, you cannot withdraw this money. However, you can withdraw the profits you make from the bonus trading margin.

 Do you know how to use BONUS MARGIN smartly?

 Adapt your money management only to this bonus deposit. Due to the possibility of trading mini lots, ie. tenths of the standard lot, you can efficiently perform real money management even with a relatively small account of 2 to 4 thousand Euros or Dollars. This includes buying positions and advanced risk management techniques. Just trade as if you only had the bonus and don’t even let your original deposit to go in the game. You will protect not only your money but mainly you will keep a significant financial reserve. Of course, your profits will shrink, but the potential losses will also do so. However, the most important thing will stay in your hands – the opportunity to learn this great business on a live account, with real money and yet with minimal risk.

A real expert is recognized by the fact that he has been trading for a long time. Not how much he earns. The appreciation rate hides more than it tells you. How much did the trader risk? How well thought-out were his procedures and, to the contrary, how lucky he simply was? And mainly – to a what extent can you apply someone else’s strategy when you have a completely different risk perception, different ambitions, abilities and nature?

However, the procedures described above are largely universal, and their compliance can only bring you success. Take into account that it can’t get any easier on the Stock Market than this. Now, you know why the Stock Market is the easiest business in the world.

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I am sure it’s worth it!

Daniel Bergmann


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